.::Tammy Carlton::.

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your visit to MyFlowerGrounds. I found a passion and decided to turn it into a great business! With my husband being gone my 6 children have been my support team!

~Biggest Supporter & Fan~

My husband of 20 years. Lost his battle with Leukemia 1 June 2016. He did absolutely everything he could to make sure my shop was a success.... from buying me a new computer to counting seeds when I needed help.


My oldest son who supports this store by his love and encouragement.... by spreading the word to help promote sales!

.::Shipper, Supporter & Fan::.

My son who encourages me everyday to keep going! He checks my "Mail basket" for orders to go out and takes them to the post office for me!

.::Encourager & Best Friend::.

My only daughter who with her love and support I'm able to stay on top of things in a positive way and promote my shop!

.::All Things Computer::.

When I can't figure out the computer end of my world... my son Patrick saves the day! Chip off the old block following in his dads footsteps!

.::Shipper, Supply Organizer::.

Another son to help keep an eye on the "Mail basket" He helps get seeds out to fill orders and files them away when the work day is done.

.::Shipper, Seed Counter, Stocker::.

My youngest son who helps in anyway he can tending to the mail... counting seeds... and keeping supplies stocked and ready to go.